All classes are 40mins long and are £5 each. Please ensure you arrive 10mins early. A health questionnaire will need to be completed before your first class.


My classes are suitable for all abilities, from someone who has never exercised, to someone who works out on an advanced level. Exercises can be adjusted to your needs (within reason) and it's up to you to push yourself within your own level and beyond - but don't worry, I will be there to make sure you do! For example, if you are a beginner and you are doing the same exercise as someone who is more advanced, you can slow it down, focus on doing the movement correctly and do half the reps they do. With commitment and consistency you will be up there smashing as many (if not more) reps out as they did. You work to your own capacity as long as you exhaust yourself - who cares what others have done. It's you against you.




Outdoor Bootcamp

6.30pm – 7.10pm

Using a multitude of functional and awesome pieces of equipment from kettlebells to battle ropes, you will have a real raw workout which will challenge you in a completely different way to conventional exercises.

This class is outdoors so please ensure you wear appropriate clothing as you may get dirty and it may be wet underfoot. If you are prone to insect bites please bring repellent or spray yourself prior to class to reduce the risk of getting bitten (especially at this time of year).